About Me

Hi, I’m Nita

I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada with my husband, 2 cats, a dog and a mouse. I am a Grandmother to 5 lads, and a mother of three fine adults. I was born in a small town in New Brunswick but raised in Toronto, Ontario. I have travelled this great country extensively by vehicle and appreciate the beauty in every location. I have also travelled in all but 3 or 4 States in the USA and several European countries. I do not count a visit unless I have driven in it and enjoyed the diverse scenery of the location. My husband and I enjoy a road trip more than anything, we travel in silence and enjoy the space we are in. It is amazing what you see while gazing at the beautiful scenery passing by.

I have been creating since I was a child indulging in many forms of creative expression which included crocheting, knitting, sewing my own clothes, quilting, Zentangle® Method of drawing; to name just a few.

My current passion is creating realistic artwork using coloured pencils. I am enjoying exploring this medium and creating beautiful pieces of art which I may offer for sale here as original works. At this time, I have no plans to offer prints of my drawings but that may change in the future.

I began my drawing art journey when I discovered the Zentangle® Method, a meditative art form creating beautiful art using a black pen and graphite pencil to produce 3-dimensional art on a small surface. I specialized in creating miniatures 2″ squares were my preferred size, but I have completed much smaller and a few larger art pieces. In May 2021 I became a Certified Zentangle® Teacher with allows me to teach this meditative art method. Creating art one line at a time.

I have practiced Meditation, Qigong & Tai Chi for over 20 years, my home is full of crystals, I smudge daily, we enjoy silence above all else, we believe in the power of positive thoughts and intent. I have also studied the effects of emotions on the body, the effect that limiting beliefs and even hidden beliefs have on your life. Inspiration and Empowerment are my passions. When I share my beautiful quilts and artwork on social media, my goal has always been to inspire people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams as I am following mine. I shared my art on social media towards that purpose of inspiring others. Somewhere along the way, I was asked to produce art for others.

For my art to hang in someone’s home and create memories and smiles humbles me. 

In January 2023 I joined The Bonny Snowdon Academy to begin my Coloured Pencil Journey. The whole aspect of creating realistic animals with artist quality colour pencils has me totally amazed every single day. My whole life when I would see wildlife art created by other artists, I would silently send up a wish that I could draw like that never believing that I could. I am so happy to prove the little voice inside my head wrong. I have gifted myself some time for art every single day since October 8th, 2020, some days I don’t manage very long but when I do sit down I commit to the meditative process of creating art.

My business name came about because my maiden name is Roussell, I played around with many different business name options and decided to go with Roussell’s Fine Art to honour my parents who gave me the gift of the Bonny Snowdon Academy training for the next year. It is the best gift I’ve ever received an investment in me and allows me to fill a lifelong dream of creating realistic artwork.

I also thoroughly enjoy sewing quilts and Free Motion Quilting them to complete.  As well I create small painted quilts where I paint on fabric with Acrylic Paints, Inktense Colour Pencils and Sun Dyes and then quilt. Or creating beautiful designs using appliqué. My biggest quilting achievement was creating a Gift for my father, a queen sized fully hand pieced appliqué quilt featuring scenes from his life in silhouette form. He had no trouble recognizing the events.