I will periodically open my booking schedule to accept individual commissions of your pets portraits on a very limited basis. This allows me to assure that your portrait will be done in a timely manner. At this time I will only be booking 6 portrait appointments per intake. If I am not currently accepting commissions please sign up for my wait list and I will send out emails when my books are open.

Once you have secured your spot, I will need a high-quality photo of your pet. I will need to approve the photo submitted as I cannot draw what I cannot see clearly. A high-quality photo will allow me to draw details that will help identify your pet as your pet.

How should you decide on the perfect photo?

  1. The photo needs to be one you have taken and own the copyright to. Legally the photographer owns all rights to a photo they have taken, you would then need to sign a contract giving me rights to draw your photograph. Once we have chosen a photo and agreed on a timeframe, I will email a contract.
  2. Ideally you should choose a photo that you love, one that inspires a memory, a strong emotion that makes you smile and has lots of clear detail which will allow me identify fur colour and direction. Also, take note of the eyes, are the eyes clear or undefined.
  3. What picture do you most want on your wall? One that will give you joy daily.

Also, when booking I would require a 50% non-refundable down payment to secure your spot in my booking schedule.

Each portrait is time consuming and takes upwards of 20 hours to complete so I can make no commitments to an exact completion date but will attempt to accommodate your request if you are wishing to give the portrait as a gift.

All portraits will be supplied mounted, but not framed. Instructions for handling and framing your portrait will be included with your portrait.

Shipping is an Extra cost upon completion of the portrait. Shipping is such a variable cost at this time, and I am unable to factor it in, I do not want to overcharge or undercharge so an accurate shipping cost can only be determined when the portrait is boxed and ready to be mailed.

The photo on this page is a drawing I created using colour pencils on double Matt Drafting Film following along during a Bonny Snowdon Academy Art Club Live Draw. Photo Credit - Kerry Chapman. Original size 3”x3”


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